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What Gender Responsive Pre-release Act ?

Maryland has long-neglected incarcerated women
● Lawmakers closed the former pre-release center for women several years ago to save
money. Now, women at MCI-W report they have very little job, education, housing,
healthcare, mental health, and family reunification support. 
● Women have ZERO stand-alone pre-release facilities while men have several.

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We Need Equitable Pre-release Now

The costs to women, families, and future generations are immeasurable.

Costs to women and their families
● Forty-two percent of moms in state prisons are single-parent breadwinners.
● Women are more likely to work in fields where their record interferes with getting a job (e.g., healthcare, childcare, and cosmetology).
● Without adequate preparation for release, women and their children are more likely to live in poverty. 
● Incarcerated moms are 5x more likely to have their children placed in foster care than incarcerated dads.
● Maintaining child custody is a documented motivation for avoiding crime.
● Inadequate reentry planning and support services may lead to repeated re-incarceration.
Costs reverberating through generations
● Childhood poverty leads to worse developmental, health, and educational outcomes that may impact success in adulthood.
● Incarcerating parents increase their children’s future risk of arrest and incarceration.